Wake Up Call! – Loving You in Spite of You!


Loving yourself in spite of you is a pathway to expansive love.

I once received a gorgeous Valentine’s card with an array of colorful hearts on the cover with words proclaiming “I love you!” How sweet it was until I opened it and read, “In spite of yourself!”

Initially unsure of what to make of this, I came to see those words offering a reminder of a profound spiritual truth.

I’ve not always loved myself as much as I have loved others. On the journey of love I’ve learned to include those parts of my life about which there is regret, shame or ambivalence.

The result has been to be more tender and compassionate about the many facets of me. I can love me, not “in spite of myself” but “because of myself.” It’s enriched my compassion and tenderness toward others in their fullness. So how do I keep growing into the truth of a Universe whose pulse is love?


  • Name the things you love about yourself

  • Identify what you do not love about you and invite tender compassion toward them

  • Celebrate the moments of loving you because of you!

Notice how your heart of love expands toward the Holy and others.

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Written by Robert Taylor