Wake Up Call! – Meditation Minute


One minute meditation breaks shift the flow of your day and energy.

Preparing for a radio interview I noticed the stress present in me from a rough day. I knew that my response to the stress would be revealed in my voice and presence on the radio show. I needed to make a mindful choice.

Instead of ignoring the stress I chose to respond to it by entering into a mediation minute.

As I sat in a favorite spot, paying attention to my breath and allowing the voices and activities of the day to become uncluttered I entered into a meditation minute. I noticed my body relaxing and my heart and mind open to flow of the Universe and the Holy.

The result was an ability to be fully present with the host and listeners of the show. I was reminded that one or two minute meditation moments in the course of the day are always possible. In place of stress I was invited to be grounded in the presence of the sacred discovered in our lives.


To practice a meditation minute:

  • Pay attention to the breath within you

  • Embrace a meditation minute as part of your routine or daily diet

  • Be present to the opportunities to do so each day

Notice how meditation minutes invite you to be more awake to life and the Holy.

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©2012 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor