Wake Up Call! – Navigating Conflict & Peace



The competing energies of conflict and peace shed light on where your heart is.

I was talking with a wise woman about the practices of stillness and mindfulness that have brought her so much inner peace over many decades. She said, “It’s hard to talk about this when the world seems to be at war and when I cheer for any actions to stop the be-headings.” Then she added, “I feel torn about even saying this.”

She or I could have chosen to avoid the awkwardness of the moment and move to a safer topic.

Instead we kept “chewing” on the paradox between her support for violence being used to eradicate violence and her lifelong devotion to peacemaking in the world along with her own inner peace.

As I left she said, “I’m hoping that some wisdom or a lesson is revealed in my struggles. Perhaps I can try to be at peace and listen to the stillness.” She knew where her heart was to be found.


  • Be aware of what competing energies reveal about where your heart is to be found

  • Pay attention to what the stillness says

Notice how engaging your competing energies of conflict and peace diminish the power of conflict.

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©2014 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor