Wake Up Call! – Nothing Is Wasted!


Nothing is wasted in life. Everything belongs.

I was mesmerized as my friend Sharon displayed the individual parts to be assembled for a silver necklace that she is making. Over the years of jewelry making she has kept a box filled with her mistakes. The work I was looking at was forged and welded from the mistakes.

Instead of writing off her jewelry mistakes Sharon chose to view them through different lenses.

In her meditations Sharon became aware of how people right others off as mistakes. “But there are no mistakes” she said, “When a person is seen in their context.”

As I admired the necklace the mistakes took on new meaning. Each part belonged in their context. They were radiantly beautiful. I began to think of my box of mistakes and how they belong. How will your box of mistakes belong? 


  • Meditate on mistakes
  • Be open to where and how they belong in your life

As the mistakes take their place notice that nothing is wasted; everything belongs.

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Written by Robert Taylor