Wake Up Call! – Nourishing Choices


Creating time with those you love is a choice to be part of a nourishing circle.

I was exasperated by the last minute invitation to attend a family celebration. How would I rearrange my schedule and how much would it cost to fly across the country at such short notice?

I could have chosen to dwell in my frustration but instead chose to be thankful for the invitation.

With some creativity I found an affordable flight. I found myself filled with expectancy about the trip as the day of departure drew closer.

The result was the gift of time with family – some of whom I’d not seen in a few years. In the sharing of family stories I was reminded of the circle of nourishment I was participating in. In the unhurried time of staying with my brother there was mutual gladness. I was thankful that my initial exasperation had not closed me off.


In your response to life’s invitations:

  • Acknowledge but see beyond an enclosing response

  • Be present to nourishing choices to be with those you love

  • Be awake to the gifts revealed in the now

Notice how your life is shaped by how you choose to respond to those who nourish you.

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Written by Robert Taylor