Wake Up Call! – Present to Blessings


Your past blesses you and your future beckons you when you are mindfully present to today.

Months ago memories of a difficult time in my past resurfaced. I was thrown off guard by their persistence. Was there yet more inner work to be done here?

In choosing to be present to each day the memories of the past could be approached with compassion.

Instead of more inner work these particular memories were a blessing. As I took stock of the ways in which my heart had re-calibrated itself I realized that time and the healing of my spirit is part of what allows me to now be mindfully present to each day.

The result was new appreciation for blessings of new strength and tenderness and renewed work and delight. Blessed by these blessings of the past I am present to the now and what it beckons me to.


  • Be present to the blessings received from your past

  • Invite them to reveal the gifts they bestow

  • Be present to each day and allow the future to beckon

Notice how the blessings of the past awaken your gratitude.

Share a story about being present to blessings here.

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Written by Robert Taylor