Wake Up Call! – Rebooting Life


Rebooting my life is a reminder to let go of the urgent and trust what is important.

There have been times in my life when I’ve been running on empty. The telltale signs have been focusing on the urgent, feeling like I need to just keep going, a lack of creativity and a combination of irritability and tiredness.

In those moments I can choose to simply keep on going or instead pay attention to my lackluster spirit.

I’ve chosen to view those times as an invitation to reboot my life by paying attention to my breath and that which is important to re-balancing my life.

The result has always been a renewed appreciation for the many faces of love and compassion within me and surrounding me. A greater generosity of spirit and heart helps me to navigate each day.


When you’re running on empty:

  • Create time to breathe

  • Use practices that reconnect you with your spirit

  • Know that a new normal of a more generous spirit and heart beckons you

Notice how rebooting your life reengages you as an active participant in your own life and the world around you.

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