Wake Up Call! – Safe Wise Guides


Choosing safe and wise guides on the journey of life is a path of wisdom.

It’s been a recurring question recently – “How do I find a safe guide along my journey?” As audience members ask the question I’ve been reminded of the blessings I have received from trusted guides along my path.

I’ve chosen to trust my intuitive response to prospective guides along with finding out about their agenda.

Knowing I will be safe in the fullness of my story is possible with a wise person who is generously authentic. Those who have named my hubris or fears have gained my attention and respect. Generosity of spirit, an ability to laugh and an expansive heart have marked my wise spiritual guides.

The result has been a life of unexpected insights from those who have been midwifes of expanding my heart, compassion and authenticity. I’m filled with gratitude for them!


In choosing a wise guide:

  • Be aware of what growth you are searching for

  • Be awake to the possibilities of those who present themselves to you

  • Ask questions that allow you to both be authentically engaged

Notice how a wise and safe guide points you to new and expansive life.

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