Wake Up Call! – Scars of Beauty



It’s in the scars of my life that I discover the love and kindness that shape my heart.

A good friend and I sat on the lawn talking about the most difficult and harrowing experiences we have each lived through. We know one another so well that we didn’t need to dwell on the pain, fears or maliciousness of those experiences. It was a conversation of thankfulness for what we have learned.

It was a choice not to dwell on past hurts but to explore the rich texture of life that the scars reveal.

As we spoke of wading through and beyond the muck we remembered the moments of being there for one another and those who loved us amidst the shards. And we named our own mistakes and naivete.

As we hugged one another we shed thankful tears for our hearts and lives expanded with love, kindness and gentleness toward ourselves and all who had contributed to the luminous scars and their healing. The response was our gratitude for the journey thus far.


  • Befriend your scars by naming the beauty they reveal

  • Pay attention to the gift each scar has bestowed

Notice how your life is shaped by the rich texture of transformed scars.

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©2014 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor