Wake Up Call! – Shockingly Wonderful Guides



The unexpected guides who appear in our lives are shockingly wonderful.

A wise and generous-hearted guide appeared in my life two decades ago. As I wrestled with major decisions his words were a luminous light giving me hope and comfort. Then one day as I responded to a question of his he softly said, “You are full of…..” I was startled!

Instead of ignoring or being offended by his observation I intuitively knew he was correct.

I began to smile then laugh at the arresting yet loving way in which he was inviting me to be real and authentic. In that moment I knew that there was no place to hide from the inner work I needed to do.

This unexpected guide who mysteriously appeared in my life for a year periodically still connects to ask if I am present to the new insights along my journey. How will you respond to the unexpected guide whom life presents to you when you are open to new insight?


  • Name the guides who have mysteriously appeared in your life

  • Allow yourself to be present to the guide who might be in your orbit already

Notice how your own journey is enriched when you are open to their shockingly wonderful presence.

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©2014 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor