Wake Up Call! – Sorting & Sifting


Allowing big questions to sit allows the sorting and sifting necessary for answers to emerge.

I was thrown a huge curve a few weeks ago. So huge that it affects the writing and work I’ve been laser focused on. I intuitively knew that the recommendation to put my current project on pause and create space to begin a new project was correct. But what did this seismic change mean for me?

I chose to allow the questions of what it means to pause one project in order to begin another to sit and percolate.

As I tamed my desire to jump in and begin working on the new project I found myself testing it out with unexpected people. In my mindfulness exercises I’ve allowed myself to be present to my feelings and physical reactions to this new possibility.

It resulted in an organic sifting and sorting, a time of honoring and respecting the projects now on pause, a time of letting go while embracing and being embraced by the new project. I’m marveling at the answers that are emerging!


  • Allow the questions of life to sit and settle
  • Be mindfully present to the sifting and sorting that happens organically

Notice how unexpected answers emerge to the curves and questions of life.

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Written by Robert Taylor