Wake Up Call! – Step Back in Love


Stepping back from trying to control another person is liberating for both of you!

I was certain that my friend would regret the decisions he was making about avoiding his sister in a time of crisis. I was invested in wanting to prevent this train wreck in their relationship.

I could have chosen to continue my efforts but instead chose to love him by stepping back.

My friend did regret the choices he made but he and his sister are discovering new authenticity with one another.

The result was a reminder that to step back and let go of “knowing best” is a choice of loving freedom. I can only be responsible for the choices I make. The life-draining energy of imagining I can control another person’s choices deflects both of us. New heart space opens up when I step back.


When you are focused on directing the choices of another:

  • Step back and offer your control to the Universe

  • Choose to wish for the well-being of the other person in love

  • Be present to the only life you can control by paying attention to your choices

Notice how stepping back in love frees both of you to focus on your own well-being that the Universe longs for.

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Written by Robert Taylor