Wake Up Call! – Stop Clutching!


Letting go of a possession frees you to embrace your dream and imagination.

Friends of mine clutched onto owning a home with a crushing mortgage. Maintaining something associated with their identity consumed their energy and resources. Then one day they began to discuss what it would be like to sell and downsize.

They could have chosen to doggedly clutch at the ideal represented by their home but instead chose to enter into the new question.

Working through their emotional reactions they discovered their imaginations engaged by this new possibility.

The result is unimagined new freedom. They appreciate the joys and memories associated with their long time home but their decision to sell is liberating. In stopping clutching they have decreased anxiety as they explore new aliveness in a future free of being controlled by a possession. It is a new way to be for them. Instead of sorrow or failure their lives are marked by a joyful expectancy about the future.


In letting go of clutching:

  • Imagine letting go of a possession that you assume is important to your identity

  • Allow yourself to embrace the freedom that comes when you stop clutching

  • Celebrate what you let go of as you invite expectancy about a new way to be

Notice how your spirit, grounding and relationships become more alive when your identity is free of a possession.

Share your experience of letting go of clutching here.

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©2012 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor