Wake Up Call! – Stop Rescuing & Trust



Let go of rescuing and trust in the life that is yours.

Marta shared an epiphany with me. “I rescue my 40 year old daughter all the time. I make excuses for her. I buy into her stories of always being wronged.” Then she added, “The worst part of it is that I have believed this is normal.”

Marta had a choice to keep rescuing or to change her own behavior.

With the support of a trusted friend Marta began to stop buying into her daughter always being wronged. She stopped bailing her out. She said, “My friend’s role is to keep me accountable and to make sure that I’m choosing this out of love.”

What surprised Marta was that with each step she began to trust in her own life. She said, “It took several years for it to sink in to my daughter that only she could rescue her own life. I pray that someday soon she will start to trust in the life that is hers. I love her by trusting in the life that is mine. “


  • Choose to love by not rescuing

  • Name something each day that makes you glad about the life that is yours

Notice how trusting in your life opens up a generous and open-hearted life with others.

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Written by Robert Taylor