Wake Up Call! – Surrendering Anxiety


How we choose to surrender to the end of the day is a spiritual choice.

When I lay in bed at night filled with anxiety about the tasks left undone during the day my sleep is disturbed. My awakening the next morning feels panicked. My life seems out of kilter as if I have ceded part of my life to the control of another. I was surprised when this happened a few months ago.

I could have chosen to pass it off as passing stress but instead chose to see an invitation about the spiritual rhythm of my life.

Each night I acknowledged that the day was ending and what was done was done; I offered thanks for the accomplishments, surprises and gifts of the day; I surrendered the possibilities of the next day’s work to the night and welcomed sleep.

The result of this surrender is to enter the embrace of the night. Yes, I make notes of the tasks for tomorrow but they do not own me with their hallmark obsessiveness. Surrender is a choice to be free.


Written by Robert Taylor