Wake Up Call! – Take in Some Wonder!



The wonder of life invites you to savor its presence.

I stopped by a display of massive Gingerbread Houses in a busy urban downtown. It was teeming with parents and their young children. “Mom, take my photo here” was the common refrain from wide-eyed kids excited about a particular house. Intense and determined business people slowed their pace as they took in the display and the wondrous kids.

The displays offered a choice to pause and enter into the wonder of the holiday season.

I’d stumbled upon this holiday display by chance. Although I was headed to something I lingered and took in the wondrous smiling kids and the newly unhurried adults soaking it all in. On my way back from my appointment I couldn’t resist revisiting this place of wonder.

I relished the unexpected gift of wonder in my day. Was it this reminder to be open to wonder that caused me to feel wonder as I listened later that day to an artist whose voices fills me with awe?


  • Be open to wonder each day
  • Allow yourself to savor the wonder and enter its presence

Notice how being present to the often unexpected moments of wonder allows you to be more present to life.

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Written by Robert Taylor