Wake Up Call! – Taken for Granted?


When I stop taking ordinary things for granted I discover awe and wonder in them.

Driving through rural Eastern Washington with my visiting cousin she pointed to one of many barns we had passed, expressing her wonder at their beauty. “I suppose you take them for granted” she said.

More than just a comment, her words were received as a gift.

I wondered what things I take for granted and how doing so dulls my experience of being alive.

The result has been a reawakening of being present to my surroundings. I invite myself each day to notice and appreciate something around me. I’ve discovered a renewed sense of awe and wonder about ordinary things like barns, my IPad and a neighbor’s flower pots. What will I not take for granted today?


In seeing beyond what you might take for granted:

Notice and appreciate the ordinary things around you

Express gratitude for how they are part of the circle of life

Allow yourself to enter into the wonder and awe they invite

Notice how being awake to the seemingly ordinary things of life shifts your connection to the world around you.

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Written by Robert Taylor