Wake Up Call! – The Gift of Presence


Giving of your time and heart is a gift of presence.

When we getting ready to move into a new house my husband’s aunt said, “My housewarming gift is to come and stay for several days and set up your kitchen for you.” We gladly accepted! Little did we know that it was more than just about our kitchen – it was about being present with us.

I wondered what had promoted a person with a full and busy life to make the choice of such a generous gift.

A few months later when my mother-in-law was moving the same aunt delivered a similar gift with her presence and work. She said, “I know how to do this and it makes me feel glad to know that a kitchen is set up to be used.”

Yes the work was well received, the social interactions warm and the job accomplished wonderfully. But the abiding memory is of a heartfelt gift of being present in a time of transition. How will you or I give the gift of presence this week?


  • Be aware of how your skills and passions might be a gift of presenc
  • Be open to being present

Notice how such moments are etched on your heart and expand your own generosity.

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Written by Robert Taylor