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A simple expression of gratitude to someone can be a gift to you both.

I was thinking a lot about Priscilla, a woman whose mere existence is one of the anchor’s in my life. I wrote her a short note expressing my gratitude to her and for the gift that she is in my life. As I dropped it in the mail box I paused and visualized her face.

Instead of taking her for granted I had chosen to be proactive.

I was bowled over by her response. She wrote back to say that she was house bound and feeling how disposable people can be and that my note had reminded her of the fullness of her life. “I still have purpose and meaning” she wrote.

I was deeply moved by what she said and glad for this luminous woman. In that moment I thought of how simple it to express gratitude to another person for simply being who they are.


  • Be aware of the often unexpected people for whom you are grateful

  • Take a few minutes to express your gratitude

Notice how the currency of gratitude is a circle of thankfulness. Who will you express gratitude to today?

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©2014 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor