Wake Up Call! – The Worst of Times?



In the worst of times remembering to be grateful clears a path forward.

Health problems, relationship difficulties and death have all recently surfaced in conversations with friends. Any of those situations have the power to consume and overwhelm all else. Each can wall you off from the rest of your life.

Each friend chose to be grateful for something or someone in the midst of the worst of times.

One of them said, “In choosing to express my gratitude for another person I’m reminded of the circle of people who nourish me. I need to be reminded of these life-givers.”

It’s easy to be grateful in the best of times, but it is in the worst of times that voicing gratitude becomes a blessing of hope, encouragement and love. Who or what will you give thanks for?


  • When life is not going as well as you might like, be still and invite yourself to be grateful.

Notice how the path forward is illuminated by the gift of those whom you are grateful for.

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Written by Robert Taylor