Wake Up Call! – Today happens only once!


Today happens only once; be present and mindful to it.

I was sitting on a deck with my two little nephews, Parker and Paxton, and their great-grandma. The younger of the two kids began to share his food with grandma and me. It was a lavish sharing as he repeatedly offered food and he was beaming. “You’re a good sharer Paxton” said grandma. Before long his older brother began to do the same.

I don’t know what provoked the choice to share so generously but I suspect it came from the heart.

I was captivated by the boys so busily sharing and soon they moved on to playing with a scooter, albeit with less enthusiasm for sharing it! It felt like a precious gift in an unrepeatable moment of time.

As I returned to my office I was filled with gratitude for being present to the unexpected gift I’d received. The work I resumed felt different. How will I be present and mindful to this day and each day?


  • Be mindful about this day and each day
  • Be present to the small gifts that the day reveals

Notice your expanded appreciation for life when you savor each day.

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Written by Robert Taylor