Wake Up Call! – Trusting Intuition


Trusting my intuition is part of my spiritual GPS.

For several days an acquaintance had been in my consciousness. We hadn’t spoken in a long time and I was surprised by the growing insistency with which I thought of him. It certainly grabbed my attention.

Would I choose to only offer my intentions for him or also choose to pick up the phone and call?

My call was welcomed with heartfelt appreciation and thankfulness. He was dealing with the approaching death of his dad and feeling consumed and isolated. At the end of a long conversation he said, “You’ve made my week.”

My resulting wonder in the richness of our conversation made me glad that I had paid attention to my intuition. My admiration for how he was dealing with an impending death was coupled with the gift of what I learned from him. I’m giving thanks for the spiritual GPS revealed in intuitive responses.


Each day:

  • Be aware of what your intuition reveals

  • Respond to it

  • Be thankful for the connection it reveals with others

Notice how your intuition reveals the Holy at work in you.

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©2013 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor