Wake Up Call! – Unclutter Your Life?



Unclutter yourself from life-draining images you once thought were normal.

Marcus said, “I spent decades knowing only a harsh, judgmental religion that was my dad’s. I felt an immobilizing shame about it. But I’m on a great adventure of discovering a spirituality that is life-giving.”

Instead of remaining enclosed by old images Marcus choose to unclutter in order to discover new life.

With mindfulness Marcus began to name the judgment, fear, control and submissiveness of a constraining past; he developed rituals for releasing them and from the power he had given them.

The result is that Marcus has been free to discover a spirituality of love, kindness and compassion that nurture and challenge his daily life. “My life feels uncluttered, expansive and engaged as I continue to grow; these new truths are life-giving” he said.


When you unclutter your life:

  • Be honest about naming that which you are detaching from

  • Offer them without rancor to the care of the Universe

  • Invite compassion, love and kindness to reside in you

Notice how uncluttering opens you to a new normal of life-giving spirit and energy.

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