Wake Up Call! – Unexpected Gifts


An unexpected memory can be a rare gift.

I was at a local farm stand selecting pounds of small Okra that had been picked that morning. Carrying the Okra to the car I had a flood of childhood memories of being in a vegetable market with my mother and grandmother and sifting through them to look for the smallest ones we could find. They were a staple in the Persian cuisine of my grandmother’s Middle Eastern heritage.

Instead of just being glad for the memory it felt like a treasured gift.

In that moment I was transported back to being with them in the market in Cape Town arguing over the right size of the Okra; of being able to almost taste the meal prepared with it; and with gratitude for such moments with these two women.

I felt enriched, blessed and nurtured by this unexpected intense memory. Gratitude filled my heart. What unexpected memory will you be open to this week or today?


  • Be awake to an unexpected memory
  • Be present to the gift revealed by it

Notice how unexpected memories form part of the gorgeous tapestry of your life.

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Written by Robert Taylor