Wake Up Call! – Unexpected Guides


I’m grateful for the unexpected people who mysteriously appear as guides in my life.

I was at the end of a three hour hike of some ancient caves when I realized that I was lost and could not find my way back to the trail. I was caught in a grove of trees not able to see a way out. The sun was beginning to set and I’d only seen two other people on the trail. I panicked.

Instead of dwelling with the panic I chose to do some breathing exercises and invite calm clarity.

There was a rustling among the trees and I called out. Much to my relief a hiker appeared and pointed me through the trees and back onto a trail.

I was reminded of the way in which the Universe provides the guides we need when we are open to their presence. Today I am open to what a loving Universe will provide.


  • Be aware of your need of the guidance of others

  • Be open to those who appear as unexpected gifts

Notice how your connection with others shifts when you are ready to receive guidance.

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Written by Robert Taylor