Wake Up Call! – Unexpected Joy


Sharing a task with others opens your heart to unexpected joy.

I love to cook – the planning, shopping and work in the kitchen. It is creative mindfulness. Years ago I was flustered by a friend who unexpectedly took charge of making two of the dishes I was cooking. This was not according to plan!

Beyond my initial panic of losing control of the meal I chose to enter into the moment.

My friend did not create the dishes as I would have. I was surprised by his imaginative creation. Years later I enjoy the spirit of cooking with others.

Sharing of tasks transforms them. In place of solitary cooking I discover unexpected joy in the conversation, creativity and companionship of kitchen friends. What will I mindfully chose?


  • Be awake to the tasks that can be shared with others

  • Be open to the unexpected joy and communion they invite

Notice how your heart expands with gladness as you share in tasks with others.

Share a story about unexpected joy here.

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Written by Robert Taylor