Wake Up Call! – Unexpected Mess!


Your response to unexpected messes reveal your grounding.

The Frappuccino went flying out of a woman’s hand at the coffee shop. It splattered the jeans and shoes of the man standing next to her at the bar where he was adding sugar to his coffee and his shopping bag dripped with the mess. I braced for what might happen next.

Instead of choosing to be angry or hostile the man chose another path.

As the woman apologized profusely he kept repeating, “It’s okay; I’m fine.” To her repeated apologies he smiled warmly and gently said, “These things happen.”

It was such a contrast to the man I’d passed on my way to coffee shop. He’d been loudly cursing someone who accidentally bumped into him. His hostility and anger was a starkly different response to that of the Frappuccino victim. What will an unexpected mess in your day or mine reveal?


  • Remind yourself of what grounds your life
  • Mindfully cultivate a quality that you would like to shape your life

Notice how your grounding and responses to life are interconnected.

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©2015 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor