Wake Up Call! – Uniting Your Voice and Story


Randy called to say his work on knowing and integrating the many facets of his life story presented him with an invitation. He adores his lesbian daughter and her family. His State has a marriage equality initiative on the ballot. He said, “My reticence to speak about the initiative collided with my love of my daughter and trusting my voice.”

Instead of choosing the familiar path Randy chose to go to the edge of his fears.

“My spirituality of love and compassion was inviting me into a new authenticity that I’d never thought about before” he said.

The result is that Randy is testing his voice and story with friends and colleagues talking about his daughter and his pride in her. “They make my humanity richer” he says, “So it’s not a hard stretch to ask people to support the initiative.” He adds, “It’s hard for love and compassion to be absent when I’m authentic in my voice and story.”


Respond to life’s surprising curves:

  • Be awake to the invitation to test your voice and story

  • Be present to the love and compassion being revealed

  • Give thanks for being willing to go to the edge of your fears

Notice how uniting your voice and story reveal new spiritual truth about yourself and those around you.

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©2012 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor