Wake Up Call! – Unleashing Gratitude!



Unleash your gratitude for friends that include nature, animals and humans.

I was with my dog Lucy in the waiting room of a veterinary hospital surrounded by animals and their human companions. As I chatted with people I was struck by their tender concern for their animals and the affection radiated by the animals.

I could have ignored this ecosystem of friendship but found myself celebrating it with new awareness.

As I gave thanks for Lucy’s loving friendship and playfulness in our household I remembered her lavish attention given to my dying mother and the comfort it brought to my mom. A memory surfaced of Sheba, the dog who gently nurtured me back to health after my teenage spinal surgeries.

My gratitude for the animals in my life has a keener appreciation to it. Their friendship is as vibrant and life-giving as any other. It feels like a richer circle of gratitude.


  • Expand your expressions of gratitude

  • Be mindful of the friendships with nature, animals and people

Notice the lusher ecosystem of friendships that bless your life.

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