Wake Up Call! – Unplug & Recharge With Silence


Intentional silence is a way to unplug and recharge your spirit.

Something felt off kilter a few weeks ago. I love interacting and being with others; I love my ability to multi-task and I adore the bustle of life. I’d been so busy being busy that I shortchanged myself. I had allowed my silent time to be overrun by the noise and activity of the day!

Instead of berating myself this was a reminder of how crucial bursts of silence are in my day.

The next day I was back on track. I took my short blocks of time to be intentionally silent. I was unplugged from email, texts, phone, social media and others. In the silence I could listen to the sounds of nature and my own inner voice.

The result was a reminder of how intentional silence recharges my spirit and my focus. With each burst of silence I re-engage my day with new mindfulness and energy. What choice will you make about unplugging into the silence?


  • Choose to unplug in short bursts of intentional silence two or three times a day
  • Be present to what the silence reveals about your spirit, feelings and body.

Notice how mindful silence changes the rhythm of your day!

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©2016 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor