Wake Up Call! – Walk and Don’t Look Back!


Sometimes it’s best to keep walking and not look back.

Recently I was with a group of colleagues and every evening as we caught up on the day’s activities two of them would always rehash how awful the morning coffee and breakfast had been, how disappointing a client was, how ghastly lunch was, how inept the local staff were.  And so it would go on.

It was not my responsibility to make them feel better but I thought it worth a shot to reframe their experiences.

All to no avail! The negativity was an unconscious spigot of despair. When I inquired about their stream of endless daily disappointments they appeared to be in disbelief at what I observed and even more so that I would raise it.

It was apparent that my well-being and that of others required that we keep on walking without getting caught in their sordid swamp. To keep walking, to look ahead and engage with those who are aware and awake to the mysteries and joys of life.


  • Pay attention to the energy and conversations of those around you
  • Know what you can assist in helping and what you need to walk away from

Notice how the choice to keep walking and not look back opens up your bandwidth to become more fully alive.

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©2016 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor