Wake Up Call! – Watch Out!


Watch out for the small ordinary acts of life that beckon you to joy and gratitude!

I love to cook but like most people with full lives I opt to make simple, uncomplicated meals. Except on a weekend or when I have the yearning to create something interesting, complex and adventuresome. I did just that recently and was surprised by it beckoned forth.

Instead of just chopping and sautéing I choose to be aware of something more at work and be present to it.

Was it because we live on a farm and I am so aware of the arduous work of farm laborers? As I chopped, diced and sliced an array of vegetables I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the people whose work allowed me to be engaging my joy.

More than just knowing how my meal was prepared I felt a profound connection to the earth and those who work it. My ordinary act of cooking was anything but. The intensity of my gratitude and joy was a welcome gift! What ordinary act will beckon you to new insight today?


  • Be present to the ordinary acts of your daily life
  • Be aware of what they beckon you to

Notice how your new awareness of the ordinary is a blessing.

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©2015 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor