Wake Up Call! – We Are Family?


How you think about family influences how you live, act and think.

I grew up thinking my family was normal! Holiday meals often included people who might otherwise have been alone; high school friends were expected to stay for dinner. Unexpected guests were always welcome to stay for a meal and sandwiches were made to be given to those living on the streets. As an adult I’ve often wondered how my own expansive understanding of family emerged.

A surprising answer presented itself to me in the form a family tablecloth my grandmother had given me many years ago.

As if out of nowhere I rediscovered this large white table cloth with a crocheted edge. On it were names of people – each one in a different color – were hand embroidered by my Granny. Biological family members are, but so are her friends and acquaintances.

Was this the answer to where my own expansive understanding of family comes from? Perhaps. More importantly I’m awed by this family rainbow tablecloth and grateful for Granny’s generosity. How will you and I think of family this week?


  • Name out loud the people whom you include when you think of family
  • Give thanks for each one and imagine them gathered around a table with you

Notice that how you think about family influences how you live in the world.

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Written by Robert Taylor