Wake Up Call! – Welcoming Simple Joys


Welcoming simple joys in the bustle of my day creates life-giving energy.

I woke up a few days ago thinking about my work schedule and preparing for a house full of guests. I was feeling stressed. Taking my coffee outside I noticed the Peonies about to bloom and listened to the birds singing. Welcoming these simple joys shifted my approach to the day.

Instead of living into the stress of the day I was choosing to be awake to the joy around me.

The stress remained real but its significance shifted as the urgency of the present was diminished by the magnificence of the importance of simple joys.

The result is a reminder of how easy it is to allow negative energy to brood over a day. The simple joys make my heart sing with gratitude for the life-giving energy they invite me into.


Choose to welcome simple joys:

  • Be awake to them around you

  • Embrace the life-giving energy they invite

Notice how the rhythm of your day shifts as stress and busyness are balanced by the simple joys.

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Written by Robert Taylor