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Some of my concerns seem trivial, keeping me from what matters most.

On the last leg of a trip a delay kept me in the airport for hours. I was tired and longed to be home. My frustrations were interrupted by watching a family with three young kids, one of whom was in a wheelchair following cancer treatments. Their tender interactions were remarkable. As we spoke I realized I was in the presence of love.

I could have held onto my frustrations but instead was invited to return to what matters most on the landscape of my life.

The family whom I encountered caused me to think about those who have nursed, nurtured and nourished me with loving care. My thoughts of them soon morphed into gratitude.

Instead of a frustrated passenger boarding my last flight home I got onto the plane feeling grateful. I fell asleep that night feeling blessed by the people and love that matter most. I woke up thinking of the family I’d encountered and gave thanks for them and their unexpected gift.


  • Name and give thanks for those whose who love you

  • Intentionally name one person each day that matters to you

Notice how focusing on what matters most in your life changes your reaction to the frustrations of the day.

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©2014 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor