Wake Up Call! – Wrestling with Demons



Wrestling with your demons is a choice to be free of them and discover new radiance.

My friend Dale spent decades living with the demon of believing he was not worthy. He could not let go of the ingrained childhood experience that he could not match up to the admiration his parents had for his two siblings.

Dale could have chosen to live with the label of being unworthy but instead decided to wrestle with this demon label and become free.

He wanted to believe that the unconditional love of his religion of birth was true. Not convinced, he began to search the essence of many spiritual traditions as if to exorcise his demon.

Along the way Dale learned practices of mindfulness and compassion for himself and others. When I asked him how he had become free of his demon he said, “By wrestling with it and in discovering that love is all that matters. Love for myself, for my life; love measured by my loving others without expectations.” He was radiant.


  • Wrestle with your demons in order to clear a path to be free of them

  • Hold on to the touchstone of your own radiance

Notice how the wrestling allows new truth to offer itself to you.

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©2014 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor