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You make a difference in the world with your every word, act, hope and intention.

The news from many parts of the world, with one tragedy or war zone after another, has felt overwhelming. A friend expressed her exasperated despair as she said, “I want to give up on the people who keep hating and killing.”

For a moment it was a tempting option but I quickly remembered that to give up is to choose death.

I was reminded of the labels used to denigrate, deride and dehumanize one another. The labels used against you or me, the labeling of others that I condone by my silence or thoughtlessness; labels that allow the life of another to be devalued and then become the enemy or worse.

Instead of despair I recommit my life to being engaged, to see beyond labels, to use positive labels and to be mindful about what I do and say. I choose to be grateful that our lives are bundled together. What will you choose?


  • Be awake to the truth that your life makes a difference in the world

  • Be mindful of the labels you choose to use

Notice how an engaged life feels.

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©2014 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor