Wake Up Call! – Your Courage



Your courage to be guided by what sustains your life is a precious gift.

I was mesmerized by a formation of twelve hundred stones this week. I was on Robben Island and each stone had been placed by a former political prisoner at a reunion marking their years or decades of incarceration.

I could have viewed it as another cairn of stones but instead it was a place of pilgrimage.

Thinking of the great pilgrim sites I remembered their drawing us into truths more spacious than ourselves. I was invited to think of the courage of each person who had placed a stone on the cairn; the courage to believe in freedom and their own worth in the midst of attempts to destroy them.

The courage of ordinary people has filled my mind this week. It’s caused me to pause and acknowledge the dark moments in which I’ve had the courage to sustain my own worth and goodness. What courage sustains you on your journey?


  • Be thankful for the courage of those known and unknown to you

  • Be mindful of the courage you have in life’s challenging times

Notice how courage sustains you and give thanks for its many expressions.

Share a story about sustaining courage here.

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