Wake Up Call! – Your Inner Compass


Chaos invites your inner compass to be revealed.

None of the other guests were at the party – I’d arrived well after the appointed time and wondered if I had misunderstood! I was told that the timing was fluid and others would arrive in the next hour or two! I could feel my negative reaction to the chaos around me.

I could have chosen to be captive to the chaos but instead chose to focus on why I had accepted the invitation.

Practicing some deep breaths, the chaos of my hosts gave way to my expectancy of seeing friends and family I hadn’t seen in a while.

The result was that when the other guests arrived I delighted in their presence and stories. I had a new appreciation for choosing to see beyond the chaos and being reminded of the compass of relationships that bless my life.


In the midst of chaos:

  • Practice a deep breathing exercise

  • Invite awareness of your inner compass

  • Choose to experience that compass in the now

Notice how your uncluttered inner compass invites you to be grounded in what matters.

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Written by Robert Taylor