Wake Up Call! – Your Labels



When people label you can choose to honor, reject or redefine the label.

What labels have been applied to you? I remember the first time I was called a faggot. I was 13 years old and I cringed with fear, shame, anger and rejection. I knew that I was gay and the label was intended to diminish and demean.

I could choose to accept the terror of the label or I could wrestle with a richer truth that seemed hard to articulate at that age.

Over the years I befriended the “f…..” label as I accepted who I am. When I hear that word I feel affection toward it even though I know it is still a weapon for others.

I’ve learned that a myriad of labels used to define me can be interpreted in many ways for good or ill. When I am grounded in who I am I can honor their goodness, redefine their intent, or reject them. What will you do with the labels used about you?


  • Remember not to cede your life to the labeling of others

  • Be mindfully grounded in the richness of who you are

Notice how a label can be transformed and free you for goodness.

Share a story about labels here.

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Written by Robert Taylor