Wake Up Call! – Angry or Grateful?


When you are grounded about what matters it is hard to be angry at the small things.

My phone beeped while I was stopped at a traffic light and I looked to see who was texting me. Before I knew it the car behind me was honking and the driver was waving his arms with much agitation. When he passed me a few seconds later he laid on the horn and gave me the finger. I was sorry that my slowness had made him so angry.

I remembered a time in my life when I’d allowed the small annoyances of life to anger and agitate me.

My first conscious attempt to be grounded in the things that matter was a gratitude exercise. It included the daily naming of people, places, invitations, works of art, natural beauty and frustrations that I am grateful for.

Soon I noticed the small things that used to anger or agitate me dimming in significance. A choice to live a life of gratitude, however imperfectly, was infinitely more satisfying. I wonder what new expression of gratitude I will offer today?


  • Choose to start practicing a daily gratitude exercise
  • Choose to spend time with people who are grateful

Notice how a life grounded in gratitude allows you to let go of the small things that used to anger you.

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©2015 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor