Wake Up Call! – Anonymous Kindness


Anonymous acts of kindness are the mark of a generous heart.

I had a surprising memory of a family whom I knew when I was growing up. The young parents were a lifeline to me in my emerging adolescence. One day I overheard them quietly talking about not having enough money to buy groceries. I was heartbroken. It was the first thing I told my parents when I got home.

They could have chosen to only express sadness at this predicament but instead chose something additional.

My parents suggested we put a shopping list together of items they might need and with the list in hand they took me to shop for them. Late that night we drove to their home, parking a few hundred feet away and my Dad I quietly carried the grocery bags and placed them outside their front door. A few days later we heard from the couple exclaiming about a miracle of food having been delivered. My parents said, “We’re not saying a word about this to them.”

Decades later this memory became an unexpected reminder to me about a generous heart not needing to be acknowledged. I wonder what anonymous act of kindness my heart will lead you or me to?


  • Listen to where your generous heart might lead you today
  • Try an act of anonymous kindness

Notice the joy and connection with others that emerges.

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Written by Robert Taylor