Wake Up Call! – Appreciative Delight



Appreciation affects the flow of your day.

Coffee, the morning paper and silence used to frame the start of my day. It was sacrosanct time until a friend said, “You realize that you’re really grumpy if anyone interrupts your routine. Is that how you want to begin your day? ”

I could have chosen to resolutely cling to my established pattern or else see an invitation in my friend’s observation.

My work or life was not dependent on digesting news in a cone of silence at the start of the day. I began to experiment with different morning rituals. I now get up at sunrise each day, marveling at the sun’s appearance as I sip on my coffee. It is impossible not to be filled with appreciation for the sun’s interplay with everything in sight.

The result is that my former practice which came with an ornery insistence on silence has been replaced with a ritual of appreciation for the fresh start of another day. My delight in the sunrise is freely shared with those in sight. This new practice sets the tone of the day and how I choose to enter into its flow.


In your daily rituals:

  • Develop a practice that opens you to the flow of the Universe
  • Express your appreciation for the day before you
  • Find something that fills you with delight each day

Notice how your appreciation for each day affects you engagement with yourself, others and the Universe.
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Written by Robert Taylor