Wake Up Call! – Bridges of Understanding


Building bridges of understanding instead of digging moats between people is courageous loving.

“I’m a silly old fool” declared Clara. This grandmother was describing how she had dismissed some of her grandkids as mushy people for being spiritual. She said, “I keep pushing my religion on them because I want them to know the comfort that it’s given me. But I’ve been digging a moat in our relationship.”

Clara could have chosen to continue to judge her grandkids or follow a different path.

Months later she said, “I apologized to them for pushing my religion and told them how much I admire the wonderful compassionate things they do in the world.” She added, “They told me how I’d inspired their lives and now I’m learning new things about meditation and mindfulness from them.”

The result is that in place of the moat dug from certainty, Clara and her grandkids are building a bridge of understanding. They were each willing to be authentic and to let go of clinging to a desired outcome.  


  • What moat needs replacing by a bridge of understanding in your life?
  • Are you willing to authentic in your courageous loving?

Notice what happens in your relationships when you let go of judgmental certainty.

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Written by Robert Taylor