Wake Up Call! – Can You Savor Time?


Do you take time for granted or do you savor it?

My brother visited from New York this week. We talk often on the phone and whenever my work takes me to New York we see one another for a meal. Our time together at the farm felt different. Was it because the farm is a more relaxed place or because something else was at work?

I realized I had made a choice to clear much of the week’s work load and he was away from his demanding job.

Everything about our time was unconstrained by pressing demands. The things we’d planned to do were unscheduled. It felt luxurious as we reminisced about our parents and childhood or allowed our conversation to meander to wherever it might lead.

As I savored the time together I was reminded that this use of time was to be celebrated and relished. Instead of regret for not having more of it I wonder what time I will allow myself to savor today.


  • Be mindful of how you use time
  • Be aware of time to be savored

Notice how savoring time and being mindful of time feed one another as life-giving gifts.

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Written by Robert Taylor