Wake Up Call! – Choosing to See?


Choosing to see what is around us creates wonder and awe.

Two friends and I were walking on the beach engrossed in catching up on our lives, our eyes fixed on the shoreline. Then one friend said, “Stop! Look!” As we looked up at the sky we stopped in our tracks, captivated by a breathtakingly beautiful sunset.

We could have chosen to be immersed in our catch-up but instead chose to also pay attention to the beauty surrounding us.

Our conversation was enlivened by being present to the magnificence of the ever-changing sky. The beauty of the evening was infused into our affection for one another.

The result is a reminder that even when I am focused on being mindfully present to those I’m with, Creation clamors for our attention. When I choose to see the beauty around me wonder and awe find new meaning in the lives of those I’m with.


Each day:

  • Choose to see the beauty surrounding you

  • Be present to the wonder and awe it invites

  • Express appreciation and delight

Notice how what you choose to see expands your appreciation of Creation, those you are with, yourself and the Holy.

Share your experience of choosing to see here.

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©2012 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor