Wake Up Call! – Do Something for Others



Doing something for a person in need celebrates your shared humanity.

Jill was in the ICU being valiant about a fast moving cancer that upended her life in a matter of months. This vibrant woman in her fifties had a simple request to have her hair done. A friend called the salon that Jill used to see if someone could go to the hospital. The request was passed on to Max who owns this large bustling salon.

He could have chosen to ask one of his many stylists to go but made a different choice.

Max went to the ICU to style Jill’s hair and her smile revealed her gratitude. Refusing payment Max said it was just a small gift.

A few days later Jill died. A simple act lifted Jill’s spirits as she struggled with life and death. Max was tearfully glad to have responded to Jill’s need. Whose need will you choose to respond to this week? What will it reveal about your shared humanity?


  • Be open and aware to the unexpected need of another

  • Be mindful that your choices reveal something about the gift of being human

Notice how your act of caring is a celebration of our shared humanity.

Share a story about helping others here.

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Written by Robert Taylor