Wake Up Call! – How do you speak to yourself?


Do you speak to yourself with the kind and compassionate words you use with others?

I felt like I was in the path of a hurricane as I listened to my friend Ernie talk about a rough time he was going through. Each time we spoke he described himself more harshly than before. This generous, loving man seemed to be inhabited by someone quite different. I said, “Stop! Please listen to what you are saying about yourself.”

As he paused the silence seemed endless. Finally Ernie spoke, “I have a choice to make.”

I asked if he could imagine speaking to himself in the generous way he speaks to others. Days later he said, “My harsh words reflect my fears of having really messed up.” Aware of his fear Ernie began to speak to himself as if he were talking to a friend in need.

Ernie did more than just utter words of kindness and compassion to himself; he began to think about what it meant to be kind and compassionate to him. He said, “As the harshness was replaced my fears began to recede.”


  • Be mindful of how you speak to yourself
  • Practice words of compassion and kindness about you

Notice how compassionate kindness towards you increases your generous words to others.

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Written by Robert Taylor