Wake Up Call! – Judging Others



Judging others is a choice to avoid the fullness of your life.

I called Ben on his constant dribble of judgment towards other people. After a very defensive response Ben acknowledged that passing judgment had become a way of life. He agreed to find some help.

He could have chosen to remain in his judgment comfort zone but was instead open to living beyond it.

Ben discovered that his judgments were a learned behavior from adults he’d grown up around. He also realized that judging others made him feel better about himself. “I learned that my judgments were a way to avoid truths about my own life” he confessed.

Living beyond judgment revealed a new way of being to Ben. He began to stop judging and start accepting others. His next epiphany was to stop judging and start loving. Ben said “I now inhabit my own life and I even love it.” What will you do with judgments?


  • Replace a judgment with acceptance of another

  • Instead of judging try loving

Notice that the things you can do nothing about are released and those which you can change are seen differently when acceptance and love conspire.

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©2014 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor