Wake Up Call! – Loyal?


Loyalty is measured by what you say about your friends rather than what you say to them.

I have a friend who is socially inept and annoying. My antenna was on alert when I heard mutual acquaintances dismissing her. Their comments were not inaccurate.

It would have been easy to become part of the complaining circle but instead I found myself telling a story about our friend.

As I spoke about her recent devastating loss and how it has impacted her life I was struck by who expressed empathy and who carried on as though nothing had been said.

I discovered new respect for those who expressed concern for our friend and was surprised by those who were cavalier and disconnected. I gave thanks that night for those whose loyalty was expressed with honesty and radiant compassion. How will I talk about others today?


  • Listen to how you speak about those whom you call “friend”

  • Be attentive to your empathy and compassion for another

  • Be aware of how your loyalty to those in your circle is expressed

Notice how loyalty is an expression of your inter-connectedness with others.

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Written by Robert Taylor